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Center for Global Business Collaborates with Sogeti in International Immersion Program for MBA Students

Part-Time MBA Program

Program Overview

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The part-time evening program is tailored for the full-time working professional's convenience and flexibility. This is the most flexible option for busy professionals. You determine the pace and duration of the program. However, all students must complete the program in five calendar years from the start of the first class taken.

Classes meet Monday–Thursday on the Dayton main campus. Choose from classes offered one time per week 6:30–9:10 p.m. or two times per week 5–6:20 p.m.

You can accelerate completion of the program by taking two classes per semester. If you need to slow the pace and take a semester off due to work or personal priorities, you can do that too.

As an example, if all of the MBA Foundation Courses are waived and you need to take 11 courses, you can accelerate the program by taking two classes per semester (including summers) and complete the program in about two years. If you go at that same pace and are required to take all of the 5000-level Foundation Courses, you can complete the program in about nine semesters, (including summers) or three years.

Alternatively, you can slow the pace of the program. If you take one class per semester and don't take classes during the summer, you can complete the program over a five year period.

Here's a chart at a glance with sample program durations for the Part-time evening option:

If you need

If you take

Part-time Evening Program Duration

11 courses 2 classes per semester and 1 per summer Approx. 2 Years
16 courses 2 classes per semester and 1 per summer term Approx. 3 Years
16 courses 1 class per semester 1 class per summer term Approx. 5 Years (Maximum duration to complete your MBA)

Apply the semester prior to the term you want to begin. 

MBA Planning Schedule (Non-Cohort Classes)

This schedule is provided for planning purposes and is subject to revision. It will be revised prior to each registration period. 

NOTE: Not all classes are required. Refer to your Program of Study or see your advisor.


Fall 2013 

Spring 2014

Summer 2014 

EC 6350 - Comparative Capitalist Institutions F    
EC 6440 - Problems in Economic Development   D  
EC 7090 -  Econometrics and its Application E    
EC 7120 - Forecasting Economic Activity   E  
EC 7150 - Applied Microeconomics E    
EC 7170 - Applied Macroeconomics E    
EC 7240 - Development of Economic Thought E    
EC 7250 - Economic, Social & Ecological Systems   E  
EC 7260 - Contemporary Political Economy   E  
EC 7280 - Economics of Innovation     E
FIN 6120 - Fixed Income Security Analysis   E  
FIN 6130 - Derivatives F    
FIN 6220 - Corporate Financial Information E E  
FIN 7120 - Investment Management   E  
FIN 7240 - Seminar in Financial Management     E
FIN 7250 - Seminar in International Financial Management F F  
FIN 7500 - Health Care Finance TBA    
MGT 7060 - Organizational Development and Change E E  
MGT 7210 - International Management E    
MGT 7660 - Managing for Creativity and Innovation E E  
MGT 7710 - Fundamentals of Project Management E    
MGT 7720 - Project Contract Management E E  
MGT 7730 - Project Planning, Evaluation and Control   E  
MKT 7300 - Entrepreneurship E   D
MKT 7500 - Marketing Research and Analysis E    
MKT 7700 - International Marketing     E
MKT 7800 - Marketing Simulation and ROI   E  
MKT 7850  E    
Other Courses      
CMH 6500 - Health Resource Management & Policy      E
CMH 7510 - Strategic Leadership in Healthcare Organizations   F  
IHE 6410 - Technology-Based Ventures   E  
MBA 7577    TBA  

D = Day
F = 56:20 p.m.
E = Evening (6:30
9:10 p.m.)   

Download: MBA Part-time Fall 2013 - Summer 2014 Schedule (PDF)