photo of accounting students and a professorAccountancy students selected for unprecedented 16th time for IMA national competition

Accountancy Faculty

James Greenspan, Ph.D.

photo of James Greenspan

Professor & Chair / Director of Masters of Accountancy Program
298-B Rike Hall
(937) 775-2377

Kevin F. Brown, Ph.D.

photo of Kevin Brown

Associate Professor
240-U Rike Hall
(937) 775-3138

David M. Bukovinsky, Ph.D.

photo of david bukovinsky

281 Rike Hall
(937) 775-3643

John K. Cook

photo of John Cook

Associate Professor
278 Rike Hall
(937) 775-3483

Donna Gimmison

Administrative Specialist
298 Rike Hall
(937) 775-2378

Shelley Gravenstine

Office Assistant II
298 Rike Hall
(937) 775-2377

Carolyn L. Hartwell, Ph.D.

photo of carolyn Hartwell

Associate Professor
213-J Rike Hall
(937) 775-2015

Margaret (Maggie) A. Houston

photo of Maggie Houston

Senior Lecturer
206 Rike Hall
(937) 775-2390

Susan S. Lightle, Ph.D.

photo of Susan Lightle

231 Rike Hall
(937) 775-4169

Paul Lin, Ph.D.

photo of Paul Lin

Associate Professor
223 Rike Hall
(937) 775-3480

Hans Sprohge, Ph.D.

photo of Hans Sprohge

229 Rike Hall
(937) 775-2365

John C. Talbott, Ph.D.

photo of John Talbott

Visiting Professor
299 Rike Hall
(937) 775-2720

Sue Terzian

224 Rike Hall
(937) 775-3644