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Undergraduate Accountancy Curriculum

photo of an accounting studentBusiness core courses will be offered every semester. Major courses listed below may not be offered every semester. This information is provided for planning purposes and is subject to revision each semester prior to registration. Fact Sheets are available in 100 Rike Hall.

To meet other students in your major, get to know the faculty better, and gain valuable career information, join the Accountancy Club. Information is available in the Accountancy department, 298 Rike Hall, (937) 775-2377.

Required Courses

19 Hours

Course Title Sem(s) Offered Prerequisite(s)
ACC 2070 Careers in Accounting F ACC 2020#
ACC 3010 Intermediate Accounting I F, S ACC 2020, ACC 2070#
ACC 3020 Intermediate Accounting II F, S, R ACC 3010*
ACC 3230 Management Accounting F, S, R ACC 2020
ACC 3260 Accounting Systems Design and Implementation F, S, R ACC 3230#
ACC 3430 Federal Income Tax I F, S, R ACC 2020
ACC 4230 Auditing** F, S, R ACC 3020*, 3260


Elective Courses

3 Hours (Choose one of the following)

Course Title Sem(s) Offered Prerequisite(s)
ACC 4420 Govt. & Not-for-Profit Accounting S, R ACC 3020*
ACC 4440 Federal Income Tax II F, R ACC 3020*, ACC 3430

F = Fall
S = Spring
R = Summer

# Can be taken concurrently.
* Grade in the prerequisite course must be "C" or higher.
** ACC 4230 is Integrated Writing.

Note: 2.0 or better cumulative GPA in accountancy courses is required for graduation.

Download: Accounting Fact Sheet (PDF)