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International Business Overview and Curriculum

International Business

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Set yourself apart with a career in International Business

Any business that has a website has the potential to expand their worldwide profits and market share. Yet many businesses lack the time or expertise to take advantage of the expanding global economy.

The Raj Soin College of Business develops business leaders with a global perspective. To prepare students and develop the talent businesses need, the College offers

Bachelor of Science in Business with a major in International Business and a minor in International Trade Management.

A minor in International Business for students who are pursuing other majors at Wright State.

And a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in international business.

Major Curriculum

Effective Fall 2012 to Summer 2013

Business core courses will be offered every semester. Major courses listed below may not be offered every semester. This information is provided for planning purposes and is subject to revision each semester prior to registration. Fact Sheets are available in 100 Rike Hall.

Required Courses

15 Hours

Course Title Sem(s) Offered Prerequisite(s)
EC 4350 Comparative Capitalist Institutions S EC 2040, 2050
FIN 3210 International Financial Management F, S, R FIN 2210
MGT 4850 International Management F, S, R MGT 3100
MKT 3300 International Marketing F, S, R MKT 2500
SCM 3340 Global Supply Chain Management S SCM 3070
IB 4860 International Trade Management* F FIN 2210, MGT 3100, MKT 2500
IB 4810 International Trade Internship** F, S, R IB 4860

F = Fall
S = Spring
R = Summer

* IB 4860 is Integrated Writing.
** Contact Monica Snow, 116 Rike Hall, (937)775-2151, for information regarding internships.

Cultural Electives

9 Hours (Choose three of the following)

  • COM 4570: Intercultural Communications
  • EC 4440: Problems in Economic Development
  • GEO 3100: Economic Geography
  • GEO 3300: World Regional Geography
  • HST 4150: Studies in Modern Europe
  • HST 4400: Studies in Asian History
  • HST 4500: Studies in Latin American History
  • ML 2010: French Culture
  • ML 2040: Latin American Culture
  • ML 3020: Germanic Culture
  • ML 3030: Spanish Culture
  • PLS 2220: International Politics
  • PLS 4510: Contemporary African Politics
  • PLS 4540: Politics of the Middle East
  • PLS 4560: Politics of Europe
  • PLS 4580: Latin American Politics
  • PLS 4600: Seminar in Comparative Politics
  • PLS 4700: Topics in International Relations
  • PLS 4710: International Law
  • PLS 4730: American Foreign Policy
  • PLS 4860: Model United Nations Seminar
  • REL 3300: Introduction to Islam
  • REL 3400: Topics in Asian Religion
  • RST 2610: Regional Studies: Japan
  • RST 2620: Regional Studies: China
  • RST 2710: Regional Studies: Africa
  • RST 2810: Regional Studies: Latin America
  • RST 2910: Regional Studies: The Middle East

Students may select courses in an additional language to meet their cultural elective requirements:

  • ARA 1010: Beginning Arabic I
  • ARA 1020: Beginning Arabic II
  • POR 1110: Essentials of Portuguese
  • CHI 1010 - 3250: Chinese
  • FR 1010 - 3250: French
  • GER 1010 - 3250: German
  • SPN 1010 - 3250: Spanish

To meet other students in your major, get to know the faculty better, and gain valuable career information, join the International Business club. For information, contact Lance Cauley, 116 Rike Hall, (937) 775-3497.

Download: International Business Fact Sheet (PDF)

Minor Curriculum

Fall 2010

Admission Requirements:

  • Open only to non-business majors
  • Junior standing (90 credit hours earned)
  • Must be admitted to a major program of study
  • Non-business majors may not take any business courses other than those required by this minor.

Required Courses

24 Hours

Course Title Qtr(s) Offered* Prerequisite(s)
PLS 222 - 4 International Politics F, W, S, R PLS 200
IB 201 - 4 Introduction to International Business and Trade S  
MGT 304 - 4 Management and Organizational Behavior F, W, S, R  
MGT 485 - 4 International Management F, W, S, R MGT 304
MKT 250 - 4 Principles of Marketing F, W, S, R EC 204 (or concurrent registration)
MKT 421 - 4 International Marketing F, W, S, R MKT 250 ("C" req.)


Elective Course

4 Hours (Choose one of the following)

Course Title Qtr(s) Offered* Prerequisite(s)
FR 325 - 4 Business French TBA FR 203
GER 325 - 4 Business German TBA GER 203
SPN 325 - 4 Business Spanish TBA SPN 203

*Updated planning schedules are available in 100 Rike Hall during each registration period.

International Business Minor Requirements:

  • 28 hours required
  • 2.0 cumulative GPA required
  • Must complete at least 50% of minor courses at Wright State

The International Business minor is not open to Liberal Arts Economics (#330) or Organizational Leadership (#206) majors.

Download: International Business Minor Fact Sheet (PDF)


Apply by Monday, March 25, 2013

The Miami Valley International Trade Association has generously offered to fund $1,000 in scholarships for continuing Wright State students majoring in International Business.

Apply to by Monday, March 25, 2013 using the MVITA Scholarship Application Form (PDF).

Two $500 scholarships will be awarded.