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photo of a marketing studentWelcome! We are glad that you have discovered the Department of Marketing webpage. Here you will find a glimpse of our programs, faculty, recent news, and must-have information. Our primary goal is to support student success through quality education and successful programs. Our department chair, along with the faculty and staff, are committed to assisting all students with their academic needs.

  • Internships and employment opportunities, plus an innovative Interns for Excellence program and comprehensive marketing portfolio can jump start your career.
  • Network with marketing leaders - Guest speakers, a corporate advisory board comprised of area marketing leaders, and class projects involving actual business clients provide important contacts for professional growth and opportunity.
  • Scholarships - including support for the Interns for Excellence program.


  • Network with marketing leaders — Guest speakers, a corporate advisory board comprised of area marketing leaders, and class projects involving actual business clients provide important contacts for professional growth and opportunity.
  • Build impressive resumes — Nothing gets your foot in the door to a high paying job like a prestigious internship. Because of our faculty's rich connection with the business community, internships with some of the area's most well-known firms are available to virtually every marketing major who desires one.
  • Interns for Excellence — This innovative programs offers our most outstanding students a merit-based, high-level internship that pays students a generous stipend, plus a market-competitive salary from the employer. This program is endowed and supported by one of our graduates.
  • Set yourself apart in the job market—Every course required for the marketing major lets you create your own professional portfolio. When you complete your capstone course in strategic marketing, you are ready to jump start your career with a portfolio that demonstrates your knowledge and skills to potential employers.
  • Scholarships — Our scholarships for marketing majors recognize and support outstanding students annually, based on their leadership contributions and financial need.
  • Develop leadership skills — An active student chapter of the American Marketing Association and a student advisory board provide ways for you to develop leadership skills that get you noticed by marketing leaders and employers in the region.
  • The Global Edge — Take advantage of study abroad opportunities and special Ambassador Study Abroad courses.  Our marketing students can complete study aboard tours and meet with marketing executives to learn first-hand the marketing strategies of successful global companies.

Career Opportunities

Check out internship and job opportunities on Wright Search. And keep your current resume on Wright Search so that employers can find you! For your convenience, we also post each week's internships and jobs from Wright Search on our College homepage.

Career Services also helps students and alumni through all phases of your career development process including developing your job search strategy, writing effective cover letters and resumes, mock interviews with video-taped feedback, effective business etiquette and more.

Let our faculty know about your internship and career goals. They have a wealth of contacts in business and government to help you find internships and career positions.

We also offer a Job Resource Center on After

Bulletin Board

Make sure that you frequently check our department Bulletin Board located right outside of 266 Rike Hall or for recent job and internship opportunities, class or schedule changes, scholarship information, and other important information from our department. 

AMAWSU Marketing Club (American Marketing Association Wright State University chapter)

The Marketing Club offers the student connections with other students, corporate executives, and lecturers just to name a few.  You will have opportunities to meet employers in the marketing field and receive job related information and skills.  This is an excellent way to network and gain leadership skills.  Join the club or come to a meeting!   

Career Opportunities

Regional sales manager
Director of distribution
Manager of marketing development
Product planner
Brand manager
Manufacturer's representative
Director of business development
Advertising director
Customer relations administrator
Account executive
Retail manager
Senior executive consultant
District manager
Sports promotions director
Director of product marketing
Sales development coordinator

Who Hires Our Grads
JPMorgan Chase
Brady Ware
Book Factory
Brown Publishing
Culture Works
Dayton Power & Light
Dayton Dragons
Dayton's WBDT-TV
Fifth Third Bank
Mound Laser and Photonics
NewPage Corporation
Reynolds & Reynolds
TDH Marketing
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base


Build impressive resumes — Virtually every marketing major can count on obtaining an internship, thanks to the department's reputation of excellence and the faculty's close ties with the business community.

Interns for Excellence — This innovative program offers our most outstanding students a merit-based, high-level internship that pays students a generous stipend, plus a market-competitive salary from the employer. This program is endowed and supported by one of our graduates. Learn more.  

For more information on Internships, click on the following links:

What is an Internship?

How do you know if a career field is right for you? How can you gain experience and skills that future employers will find valuable?

Internships allow students to gain valuable experience, develop marketable skills, and test out a career field prior to graduation. Very helpful in providing exposure and mentorship, internships often lead to job positions.

Internships vary in their nature, but are generally unpaid and require around 15-20 hours of work per week. Duration can be from one quarter to an entire summer. In some cases, students will receive a stipend or payment by the employer. However, students do receive academic credit for the internship as if they were taking a class at the university.

Providing you with a "real-world" experience in a professional work environment, internships are becoming a norm for college graduates.


Pola Gupta, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
260-E Rike Hall / (937) 775-3046

Benefits of an Internship for Students

  • Receive academic credit (1 to 4 credits for each internship)
  • May receive financial compensation from the internship employer
  • Identify a future potential employer
  • Gain real world experience
  • Career field exploration
  • Building a solid network of contacts with business executives
  • Gain an edge over individuals who have not had real world experience
  • Provide employers with valuable resources
  • Strengthen your resume
  • Reinforce career objectives and values related to a work environment

Student Internship Requirements

  • Must have Junior/Senior Status
  • Course Completion--Marketing 250 with a "C" or better
  • Course requirements:
  • You must meet with the faculty advisor for internships during the first week of classes. You may set up an appointment with the faculty advisor via email or phone.
  • Submission of bi-weekly activity reports
  • Completion of a written report, which is due at the end of the quarter.
  • Obtain a copy of the syllabus from the Faculty Internship Advisor.

Internship Credit can be given as a marketing elective (up to 4 hours) and/or as a business elective (up to 4 hours).  Internship course number is MKT. 481/780.

Student Internship Procedures

Student Application Process

  • Obtain a marketing internship application from the Department of Marketing and other related information, or download from the website via the student forms link.
  • Prepare a quality resume and cover letter. Visit the Career Services Create a Professional Resume page for assistance.
  • Secure an interview with the internship employer.
  • Prepare for an interview with the internship employer. Visit the Career Services Manage the Interview page for assistance.
  • Once you get an offer for the internship from the employer, have the completed application form signed by a representative of the internship employer.
  • Return the original application for internship to the Department of Marketing for an approval by the faculty internship advisor and the Chair of the Department of Marketing. The marketing department will sign you up for the marketing course. If this course (MKT 481/780) doesn't show up on your schedule, contact the marketing department immediately.

Interns for Excellence Program

The Interns for Excellence Program provides unique, high profile internships for marketing students of the Raj Soin College of Business at Wright State University.  This internship opportunity, which allows students to experience exceptional real world business marketing activities, is available through the generous anonymous endowment of an alumnus.  Students selected for the internships receive a $500 cash award from the program along with possible wages from the employing company

The internship is conducted during the summer months or during the academic year at local businesses. 

These internship opportunities are highly sought after positions with well-known local companies. 

The Interns for Excellence Program Requirements:

  • Resume
  • One page essay summarizing why you feel that tyou should be considered for this award.
  • Completion of the application for Interns for Excellence Award. Application forms are available in the Department of Marketing Office, 254 Rike Hall.
  • An Interview with Dr. Pola Gupta for short-listed applicants. After screening the application material, short listed students will be called for an interview.
  • Recommendation letter from your internship supervisor.
  • Quality of your final report submitted as a part of MKT 481 requirment

Submit your application, reference letters, and resume to Evelyn Roberts, in 254 Rike Hall.

Tips for Internship Success!

Now that you have secured this wonderful internship opportunity, be sure to follow these tips in order to get the most out of your experience!

1. Communicate...effectively and often: A weekly meeting with your supervisor will enable you to discuss utilizing your skills to their full potential as well as seeking to develop new skills.

2. Set Goals: Prior to starting your internship, prepare a list of goals or things you hope to achieve while at your internship. Share these goals with your supervisor and be sure to have a plan to accomplish them.

3. Keep your Eyes and Ears open! Learning an organization's culture is critical to your success. This includes communication styles, dress, decision making strategies and hierarchy. Knowing this will ensure that you don't overstep your boundaries and are able to fit in and work comfortably with the other employees.

4. Know your fit in the organization: The organization is taking their time to teach you new skills. Be sure to do what is asked of you in a timely manner.

5. Be Flexible: Often, interns are asked to do the "grunt" work. Understand that employers begin with simple tasks and build up to important tasks. Proving that you can do well at any task will show that you're ready to move to the next. In the event that you feel they are taking advantage of you and your skills are not being utilized properly, have an honest discussion with your supervisor regarding your concerns. Share these types of concerns with your faculty advisor for internships.

6. Be Responsible: Often, your internship may lead to a full time job with the company. Turning in assignments on time, taking directions seriously and displaying a good attitude will all contribute to a positive reflection of you and the university.

7. Learn as much as you can: Employers frequently say that you will get out of your internship what you put into it. You can learn as much about the field, the position or the organization you want when you are talking with people, reading what is around you, and becoming involved with extra projects.

8. NETWORK! Talk to everyone that you can. Introduce yourself and take their business card. You never know when their contact information may come in handy. If you aren't good with remembering names, write where you met them on the back of their card to help you remember.

9. Keep in Touch: Your network will have grown after you finish your internship. Be sure to stay in contact with those who you met during your internship, because you never know when someone may be looking to fulfill a position. Also, former supervisors make great references for students who don't have a lot of employment experience.

10. Last but not least...Have Fun!!

Students' Testimonials about their Internships

What did you gain from your internship experience?

  • The workplace atmosphere at iNet. The people were great. (iNet Interactive)
  • The relaxed environment and type of work assigned to me. (iNet Interactive)
  • The opportunity to prepare myself (increase my skills) for my career. (Reynolds and Reynolds)
  • It forced me to stretch myself a little bit and step out of my comfort zone. ( Calvary Baptist Church)
  • I learned a lot. (Home Depot)
  • The variety of projects assigned to me. (Clear Channel Communications)
  • Freedom of Creativity. (The Guardian)
  • My internship was a great experience! (iNet Interactive)

Web Sites for Job Searches and internship opportunities:

Check out internship and job opportunities on Wright Search. And keep your current resume on Wright Search so that employers can find you! For your convenience, we also post each week's internships and jobs from Wright Search on our College Home page.

Career Builder

Job Resource Center

 Download: Evaluation Form (PDF)

Employers' Testimonials about WSU Interns

MeadWestvaco: She has done a great job during her time at MeadWestvaco. She is organized, works independently and takes initiative when she's completed assigned tasks. Meadwestvaco recently moved locations, which she did an excellent job of assisting. She helped prepare and organize for more which is outside traditional job descriptions. She's a hard worker!

Reynolds and Reynolds: He has very good interpersonal skills (comfortable around others). He is flexible, does assignments without complaints and not afraid to ask questions.

iNet Interactive: He did a great job of taking the initiative in a relatively unstructured assignment. Excellent written communication skills.

iNet Interactive: He is a self-starter. Works well independently. Good communication skills, especially written. Great technical "common sense." Able to figure out new technologies on his own.

The Guardian: She is very organized. If you come to her with an idea, she will get working on it. She is always on top of things and knows what is going on. She is very personable. She gets along well with others while still maintaining a professional level of conduct. She asks for help when she needs it. She organized the implementation of an advertising database as well as helped organize a comprehensive advertising campaign resulting in a contract with SOAR.

Home Depot: He is a team player, self starter, he is an asset to our store. He drives business through excellent customer service.

WSU Athletics: She is very organized, dependable, has a great attitude, and is overall an excellent intern. She completes every task I giver her in a timely manner while producing outstanding results. She is always dressed professionally and has a great attitude.

Calvary Baptist Church: Works well with others, listens to what you have to say. He was wiling to do whatever we ask of him. He was very professional in how he handles himself and his work.

He is excellent at keeping the customers at ease. He has a very likeable personality, which makes handling realtors, brokers, and attorneys much easier.

Employer Marketing Intern Request Form

Student & Alumni Spotlights

Pauline Jenkins

’11 B.S.B. Marketing, ‘12 MBA

“There is a ton of pressure on our generation to match the success of our parents, despite the economic conditions that we face. I have looked at this as a personal challenge to differentiate myself with my academic and career choices and I believe Wright State helped me in doing just that..”

Kori O'Neill

'09 B.S.B. Marketing

"I am a huge advocate for the Wright State American Humanics Student Association, which is a nonprofit leadership certification program nationally recognized. Through this association, I found three paid internships that provided me with substantial work experience and also helped my communities. These internships have provided me many leadership, public speaking, networking, and unique skill training opportunities.


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