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For a rewarding career path that supports our national defense and expands your professional network, Wright State’s undergraduate Defense Acquisition and Contracting Certificate can help you find a promising future! In this new program, you’ll be able to explore an exciting federal career, safeguard our nation, and connect with local employers.

This 12 credit-hour certificate equips you with essential skills and knowledge for the defense industry. Our comprehensive curriculum covers the fundamental principles of defense acquisitions and contracting, giving you a strong foundation to excel in various roles that can all provide a stable and prosperous career, with roles including program manager, contract specialist, or systems analyst. The college has an MOU with Defense Acquisitions University (DAU), which is a corporate university for the Defense acquisition workforce, and students may receive up to three credit hours from approved DAU courses for this certificate. Also, as part of our shared commitment to our student success as they enter the workforce, this certificate program considers and uses the National Contracting Management Association's (NCMA) ANSI-Approved Contract Management Standard™ as the basis of its course curricula and is committed to driving student success through its instruction of the phases, domains, and competencies that are common across the contract management profession. Through its alignment with the Contract Management Standard™ (CMS), this certificate helps prepare students for NCMA's CCMA certification which demonstrates proficiency in the CMS and is a strong steppingstone into the contract management profession.

This certificate is linked to the RSCOB core, and it's easy for business students to complete—only two additional courses (6 credit hours). If you are not a current student, there is only four classes to complete! To find out more or to get started, please contact Amanda Horrocks (, Academic Advisor. 

Program details will be available in August 2024 with the next version of the Academic Catalog.

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