Bachelor of Science in Business in Economics

photo of a male student in a classroomThe Bachelor of Science in Business degree with a Major in Business Economics is designed for those who wish to major in Economics while also studying the other functional areas of business. Graduates of the program generally pursue careers in business economics, marketing analysis, finance, and management, while others pursue further education at the Master's and Doctoral levels in business or economics.

Program Requirements

I. Wright State Core Requirements: 39 hours

  Course Credit Hours
Element One Communication 6 hours
Element Two Mathematics
Required: MTH 2280 Business Calculus
4 hours
Element Three Global Traditions 6 hours
Element Four Arts and Humanities 3 hours
Element Five Social Science
Required: EC 2040 (3 hrs; must earn a grade of C or higher)
Required: FIN 2050 (3 hrs)
6 hours
Element Six Natural Science 8 hours
Additional Core Courses Required: EC 2050 (3 hrs; must earn a grade of C or higher) 6 hours

II. Business Core Requirements: 42 hours

Courses that may be taken prior to admission to RSCOB

Course Title Credit Hours
ACC 2010 Accounting Principles I 3 hours
ACC 2020 Accounting Principles II 3 hours
MS 2040 Introduction to Business Dec. Making 3 hours
MS 2050 Quantitative Business Modeling 3 hours
MKT 2500 Principles of Marketing 3 hours
FIN 2210 Financial Management I 3 hours

Courses that require admission to RSCOB

Course Title Credit Hours
ENG 3000 Business Writing 3 hours
EC 3010 Economics of Global Money Markets 3 hours
LAW 3000 The Legal Environment of Business 3 hours
MGT 3100 Management and Org. Behavior 3 hours
MIS 3000 Intro. to Information Systems 3 hours
SCM 3070 Operations and Supply Chain Management 3 hours
MGT 3110 Business Ethics and Leadership Devel. 3 hours
MGT 4990 Strategy: Domestic and International 3 hours

III. Economics Major Requirements: 27 hours

Course Title Credit Hours
EC 3150 Intermediate Microeconomics 3 hours
EC 3170 Intermediate Macroeconomics 3 hours
EC 3190 Institutional Economics 3 hours
EC 4090 Applied Econometrics 3 hours
  EC Electives (3000 or 4000 level economics courses) 15 hours

IV. Electives: 12 hours

Total: 120 hours

B.S.B. in Business Economics (PDF)