B.S.B. Management Information Systems

photo of students giving a presentation in classIn 2006, our Bachelor of Science program in Management Information Systems became the first business school program in Ohio to be accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET. We were also among the first twenty business programs in the U.S. to achieve this accreditation.

Our enrollments are F12 (64), F13 (65), F14 (67), and F15 (54). Our graduations are: 2012-13 (41), 2013-14 (45), and 2014-15 (46).

Business core courses will be offered every term. Major courses listed below may not be offered every term. This information is provided for planning purposes and is subject to revision each term prior to registration.

Access the prerequisites map at http://business.wright.edu/curriculum/

Required Courses

21 Hours

Course Title Semester(s) Offered Prerequisite(s)
CS 1160 Intro to Computer Programming F, S DEV 0970
MIS 2150 IS Applications Development F, S CS 1160
MIS 3150 Data and Information Management F, S CS 1160, MIS 3000
MIS 3250 Analysis and Design of Information Systems F, S MIS 3000
MIS 4250 Information Technology Infrastructures F, S MIS 3000
MIS 4500 Business Processes & Enterprise Systems* F, S MIS 3250
MIS 4950 IS Project Management and Development** F, S MIS 3150, 3250

Elective Courses

6 Hours (Choose two of the following)

Course Title Semester(s) Offered Prerequisite(s)
MIS 3450 Web Application Development Varies MIS 3000
MIS 4300 Business Analytics Varies MIS 3000
MIS 4600

Geographic Information Systems

Varies MIS 3000
MIS 4800

Special Topics in MIS, such as Introduction to Data Science

Varies MIS 3000
MIS 4810 Internship in MIS*** F, S, R MIS 3000
SCM 4250 Supply Chain Information Management Varies  

F = Fall
S = Spring
R = Summer

* MIS 4500 is Integrated Writing.
** MIS 4950 must be taken at the end of the MIS program. Department permission is required and prerequisites will be checked. Contact the ISSCM department, 251 Rike Hall, (937) 775-2895, one year prior to the semester you will graduate to put your name on the list for that semester.
*** Contact the ISSCM department, 251 Rike Hall, (937) 775-2895, for information regarding internships.