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CPE Co-ops and Internships (Experiential Learning)

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What is Experiential Learning?

Experiential learning, the process of learning through experience, is an active process that goes beyond classroom learning. You may have heard of experiential learning in terms like Co-Ops and Internships. Cooperative education (co-op) and internships:

  • enhance professional preparation, 
  • develop job-related skills, 
  • test career interest, 
  • relate the course of study to practical work situations, and 
  • allow students to earn income. 

The Raj Soin College of Business strongly encourages students to participate in these opportunities to enhance your academic experience and help build a strong foundation for employment following graduation.

How Can I Participate in Experiential Learning?

Some students apply for specific internships listed in Handshake, the Wright State student employment portal. Other students find jobs to earn income, either during the semester or during semester breaks, in areas that relate to their major.

To request approval to have your work experience listed as an internship on your official transcript, email with the following information.*

  • Your UID#  and major
  • Job title and a copy of the job description 
  • Dates you will be working (identify full or part time)
  • The name of your employer 
  • Your supervisor's name and contact information 

Once the Career Consultant can verify that the employment is related to your major, you will receive permission to register for one of the following non-credit courses:

  • CPE 0910 Cooperative Education I: Full-time career-related work, up to 40 hours/week
  • CPE 0920 Cooperative Education II: Part-time career-related work, up to 20 hours/week

If you are going to be working while in school, you should be recognized for it! While these pass/fail courses award no credit, the experience will be recorded on your final transcript. For more information regarding these courses, send an email to

 *International students must contact their academic advisor and UCIE before seeking approval for internships.

Internship Process Overview

For an overview of the process for seeking and applying for internships related to RSCOB, click on the following button and enter the password Internships1.


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