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Business Economics

The concentration in economics provides you with a solid foundation to advance your career in business, government, or nonprofit sectors. This program will help you predict and study responses to changes in fiscal and monetary policy and the market through analytic and quantitative skills. You will study advanced skills in analyzing the ever-changing global business environment and the role economics has in the business, government, and public policy decisions.


Every business, organization, and governmental agency makes financial decisions on a daily basis and a solid understanding of finance will help you to move up in your career. The finance concentration in the M.B.A. program will give you advanced knowledge in investing, corporate finance, and international financial management.

Health Care Management

Healthcare management is a growing field that requires a specific set of knowledge and skills. This concentration is co-sponsored with the Boonshoft School of Medicine and the courses are designed to introduce M.B.A. students to health-specific business concepts, evaluation techniques, and strategic thinking. You will study health systems and policy, strategic leadership in health care organizations, and the financial management of healthcare organizations.

Interdisciplinary Business

The interdisciplinary business concentration allows you to build an M.B.A. program course list best suited to your goals and career interests. In this concentration, you take the same base courses in the program but choose three elective courses best suited to your career goals.2020 Great Business Schools Best MBA International Business

International Business

The concentration in international business prepares you to work in a global business environment and address the multiple challenges and factors that impact international business and management. You will study advanced concepts in international business including international economics and financial management, as well as complete a short-term study abroad program. You will develop a global understanding of the skills needed to assess the complex problems in global business markets and implement effective solutions.


The M.B.A. concentration in investments prepares you with the financial knowledge and analytical skills to move into investment management or improve your chances for career advancement. Through coursework focused on fixed income security analysis, derivatives, investing in securities, and corporate financial information, you will gain a broad understanding of investing tools, institutions, and practices that will benefit your career and goals.

Management, Innovation, and Change

The concentration in management, innovation, and change will help you manage change and innovation in businesses and organizations. Knowing how to manage innovation and change in a productive and efficient way will give you a competitive advantage in the ever-changing markets today. You will study how organizations handle change, the importance of innovation to organizations, common impediments to innovation, and ways organizations can stimulate, cultivate, and implement creative ideas.


The concentration in marketing gives you a broad education in marketing tools and strategies that will benefit you across a wide variety of career fields and industries. The foundation courses in the M.B.A. will give you a solid foundation in advanced business concepts and then you will take three advanced marketing courses. You will learn about marketing research and analysis, including the qualitative and quantitative aspects of marketing research and how to use data to address marketing problems, as well as marketing analysis and return on investment.

Project Management

The project management concentration focuses on fundamental and advanced concepts in project planning, execution, and control. You will learn how businesses, governmental agencies, and not-for-profits use projects to pursue their organizational objectives. You will learn how to manage projects to meet time, cost, and performance objectives. Courses will cover planning, budgeting, and scheduling, contract and subcontract management, negotiation and dispute resolution, and current project management software and tools. You will finish with a final project where you will plan, carry out, and report on a service project for a local non-profit client. You are required to complete a fundamentals course before you take the other two concentration courses. For more information on the requirements, contact your advisor or review the requirements in the Academic Catalog.

New Venture Creation

If you enter the new venture creation concentration, you will cover advanced topics in innovation and entrepreneurship to help increase your skills and further your career goals. You will study the economics of innovation including the technological change, economic growth, globalization, and long-wave cycles that affect innovation in business and organization. You will also take courses on technology-based ventures and entrepreneurship.

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