Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program

Tuition and Fees

We offer one of the most affordable and highest quality M.B.A. programs in the region. Maximize your return investment and any employee tuition reimbursement by choosing a program evaluated by world’s top accrediting body for business programs, the AACSB International.

Tuition Cost (Per Semester)

RatesOhio Resident1Non-Ohio Resident1
Graduate Tuition (11–18 hours)2$7,363$12,357
Graduate Tuition (1–10.5 hours)$680/hour$1,145/hour
Raj Soin College of Business Tuition (11–18 hours)2 - all programs $8,440$13,434
Raj Soin College of Business Tuition (1–10.5 hours) - all programs$780/hour$1,245/hour
College of Engineering and Computer Science Tuition (11–18 hours)- all programs $7,908$12,902
College of Engineering and Computer Science Tuition (1–10.5 hours) - all programs $730/hour$1,195/hour
Nursing (M.S.) Tuition (11–18 hours)2$7,908$12,902
Nursing (M.S.) Tuition (1–10.5 hours)$730/hour$1,195/hour
Counseling (M.S.) Tuition (11–18 hours)2$7,908$12,902
Counseling (M.S.) Tuition (1–10.5 hours)$730/hour$1,195/hour
Social Work (M.A.S.W.) Tuition (11–18 hours)2$7,908$12,902
Social Work (M.A.S.W.) Tuition (1–10.5 hours)$730/hour$1,195/hour
M.P.H. Tuition (11–18 hours)2$8,171$13,165
M.P.H. Tuition (1–10.5 hours)$755/hour$1,220/hour
Pharmacology and Toxicology (M.S.) Tuition (11–18 hours)2$8,171$13,165
Pharmacology and Toxicology (M.S.) Tuition (1–10.5 hours)$755/hour$1,220/hour
School of Professional Psychology and Doctor of Nursing Practice Tuition (11 or more hours)$10,368$16,568
School of Professional Psychology and Doctor of Nursing Practice Tuition (1–10.5 hours)$961/hour$1,539/hour
Boonshoft School of Medicine Tuition for M1, M2, and M4 (11 or more hours)$22,189$33,504
Boonshoft School of Medicine Tuition for M3 (11 or more hours)$29,586$40,901

1Rates determined annually by the Wright State University Board of Trustees.
2Per hour rates will be applied to each billable credit hour in excess of 18. Courses dropped after the 100% refund period are not deducted from the billable hours.

Visit our financial aid Cost of Attendance page for a list of other estimated indirect costs including books, supplies, personal expenses, transportation, and loan fees that are used to calculate financial aid offers.

Required courses range from 33 credit hours (11 classes) to 46.5 credit hours (16 classes) depending on whether students need to take one or more of the 5000-level survey courses. These survey courses are designed for you if you do not have an undergraduate degree in business or want to update your fundamental knowledge in accounting, economics, finance, or quantitative business analysis before taking 7000-level M.B.A. courses in these areas.

Cost of books averages an estimated $200 per course or a range of $2,400–$3,200 total.

Additional details on campus living fees and fees for international students are available on the  University Center for International Education Graduate Admissions webpage.


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