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Emerging Marketing Leaders Program Testimonials

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Mentor Testimonials

Chuck Edmonson

“Success is about seizing opportunities. Membership in the Emerging Marketing Leaders program is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.”

Kasi Edwards

“The best sports team have great coaches and we think that high-achieving students should too!

Michael Emoff

“Words to live by: trust your gut, nice guys finish last, listen well, and respect others. These are easy principles of life and business—go now and make your mark on the world.”

Todd Hale

“It is a real pleasure to be engaged in the Emerging Marketing Leaders program and give back to the university which helped launch my career in marketing research.”

Richard Kaiser

"In business and life, your network is your power. Having access to this level of mentorship early on should be a game changer for students as they prepare to go out and conquer their ambitions."

Robert Klaben

“I am thrilled to be a part of the Emerging Marketing Leaders program. It is rewarding to learn from the student participants and share real-world experiences from my marketing and advertising career.

Tracy Szari-Fors

“The Emerging Marketing Leaders program offers a very unique opportunity for students to interact with professionals who have a great deal of experience in marketing and leadership to offer and share.

Student Testimonials

Salem Albayyari

“The Emerging Marketing Leaders program allows networking with marketing industry leaders, from whom I can learn how to better achieve my marketing aspirations and goals.”


Mackenzie Brown

“I look forward to taking full advantage of every aspect of this experience and hope to someday spark inspiration in others as a future mentor.”


Shelby Carper

“The Emerging Marketing Leaders program has allowed me to learn from successful local marketing leaders who showed me what types of companies and roles exist in marketing.”

Alexis Ulrich

“I will contribute to the Emerging Marketing Leaders program by sharing my experiences with other undergraduate marketing students and helping them figure out their interests just like I am hoping this program will do for me.”


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